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Status Update: EAS Support in K-9 Mail

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After a more in-depth look at ActiveSync support in K-9, I found there to be more issues than I had first thought. This post serves to point out the most major of the issues that I have to tackle before this will be ready to be released into the wild.

1. K-9 does not remember sync state after being restarted. The sync keys used by the Exchange server to know which folders and emails have been synced by the phone are not persisted. This may not be immediately obvious, but it causes K-9 to do a bunch of work it doesn’t need to, which will do a real number on your battery (as well as network usage). This problem has been solved.

2. K-9 does not use the Exchange server to send email. K-9 uses its own “special” outbox for sending email, and it does the sending. K-9 should be moving composed emails into the outbox on the Exchange server, to be sent by the server. UPDATE: My original thoughts here were incorrect. Sending is working correctly.

3. K-9 does not download headers first and then mail contents. It downloads everything in one go. This causes a major delay before mails begin to appear in your message list. I am not sure the ActiveSync protocol is designed for this type of usage. This issue will require further investigation and thought.

4. ActiveSync is designed to filter the number of emails fetched by date, according to pre-defined filters (such as “one month”). K-9 is currently designed to fetch mail differently. The user interface for ActiveSync accounts will need to be modified to match the design used by Exchange.

5. There are discrepancies in the truncation size options for emails between K-9 and Exchange. I am also not certain if it is possible to know if an email is not fully downloaded. This will require further investigation.

I will be tackling these issues 1 by 1 as time allows. At this point, I don’t really have any idea how long it will take me to complete them all.

UPDATES: I have found and addressed a number of additional areas where the design of ActiveSync does not really mesh well with the design of K-9. I won’t go into all the technical details. Syncing of email is now working pretty well. I am now able to use K-9 as my daily email application on my phone.


Written by Kris Wong

December 20, 2011 at 7:33 pm