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My Droid Eris Apps And Configuration

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First, if you haven’t seen my last post, this one won’t mean much to you. I’ll start with my main home screen:

I use LauncherPro for my home screen/application launcher. It is fast, looks nice, has lots of features, and is highly configurable. The only problem with using LauncherPro instead of HTC’s Sense UI is that you lose the ability to use the Sense widgets. Not a huge deal, it just means that I had to find replacements. I turned off any animation features available in LauncherPro. I like the animations, but I’m realist when it comes to the fact that I own an Eris, not an Incredible. While there is a free version of this application in the Android Market, I’d recommend paying for LauncherPro Plus. The developer of this application has put a lot of hard work into it and deserves a little compensation form the community. The only issue is that you have to use PayPal instead of the Android Market. The author is not from the US and cannot receive payment using the Android Market (really, Google?).

The time and weather widget I am using is a part of Beautiful Widgets, available in the Android Market. This application costs around $2, if I recall correctly (it’s actually sold in British pounds). The skin I am using is “Destroy,” which can be set in the widget options. I am also using some Beautiful Widget’s widgets on my “left” home screen:

I am referring to the settings widgets in the bottom row of this screen. Keeping things like GPS and WiFi turned off when not in use saves precious battery life. And finally, on my “right” home screen:

The stock symbol tracker widgets I am using are from an application called pFinance, available for free in the Android Market. You have to add 1 widget per symbol you’d like to track. As you can see today I lost some money, seems to be a trend lately. =/ The calendar widget is just the plain ‘ole Android calendar widget that comes with the phone. Finally, here is a list of other applications I have installed from the market:

  • PdaNet – USB tethering
  • Titanium Backup – indispensable for backing up/restoring all user apps and system data
  • Pandora – of course
  • SetCPU – discussed in my last post
  • The Moron Test – fun game
  • Smart Vibrator – for some reason my phone wasn’t vibrating when I received text messages (yes, my options were correct). This fixed the issue.
  • Backgrounds – has hundreds of images you can set as your wallpaper. This is were I got my current wallpaper.
  • Home Switcher – allows me to switch between LauncherPro and Sense
  • Robo Defense – fun time killer
  • NFL Mobile – so I can stay current on all my Bengals news
  • Paper toss – fairly entertaining
  • Google Maps
  • Math Workout Lite
  • xScope Lite – best browser available for Android (although Firefox is working on a browser)
  • Jewels
  • Stock Price Alerts – excellent for tracking buy and sell points of any stock, with notifications

I have also been experimenting with my SetCPU settings lately, as a result of a post I read on xda. By setting all my low points to 19 MHz, I can get even better battery life from my phone. I just made this change yesterday so I can’t comment on how well it works yet. In my next post I’ll go over all my new SetCPU settings.


Written by Kris Wong

August 28, 2010 at 10:32 am